10 Ağustos 2015 Pazartesi

ECONOMY OF WAR ...The exchange of MILK, cheese, eggs, fish, game, beanS, nuts, and peas for beef, mutton, BUT NEVER NEVER FOR pork.....WAR ECONOMY OF THE XXI CENTURY FOX WITH CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST IS THE CHEAPEST WAY TO MAKE A HOLLY WAR ..War economy in food, sex, and other goods ... Cost & Return Analysis,with suggestions and recipes for substitutions in the planning of meals and sex, and you know other things

The women of the Islamic state are
 already earnestly' seeking to do their 
part in this  greatest struggle 
for the maintenance of your national 
ideals, and in no direction can they so neatly 
assist ass by enlisting in 
the service of the 
Food Sex Drugs and RoCk and Roll Administration 
and cheerfully accepting its 
direction and advice..... 

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